Towards Net Zero Leather

Qualus Sferes™ are a building block for brand and tannery roadmaps towards Net Zero leather

AI image of vivid luxury leather, fresh water, nature and Qualus Sferes

Sustainable Sophistication

In an age where sustainability and luxury are no longer mutually exclusive, we’re proud to lead the charge with our avant-garde leather manufacturing process. Our commitment to the environment is unwavering, and with each square metre produced by our customers, we’re redefining the benchmarks of eco-luxury.

A Carbon Commitment

The main sources of embedded carbon in leather’s core manufacturing processes are the chemicals and electrical energy used, responsible for a combined 70% of carbon intensity*. Through rigorous research and innovative techniques, we’ve achieved remarkable reductions in these key contributors.

The large reductions in chemicals, process water, wastewater, energy, and process time are key levers towards Net Zero leather.


*source: Leather Working Group/ Spin360 Leather LCA initiative

Eco-Innovation at its Best

Driving down chemical usage by 10 – 20%, and water consumption by a staggering 40%, our process is a testament to the power of innovation.

As well as reducing resource inputs, the shorter cycle times and lower effluent loads both cut energy usage, further reducing carbon and costs.

It’s a clear message : luxury needn’t come at the expense of the environment.

AI image of luxury leather, fresh water and leaf freshness by Qualus
AI image of luxury leather bag in freshness watersplash by Qualus

Towards Net Zero Leather

The path to ‘Net Zero’ is paved with challenges, but Qualus’ groundbreaking leather solutions are making the journey smoother. With every product crafted using our leather, you’re not just choosing luxury; you’re choosing a future where the environment doesn’t have to pay the price for our choices.

We’re proud to offer brands an opportunity to meet their Net Zero leather targets without compromising on quality. With our leather systems, the future looks greener and more glamorous than ever.

Talk to us about how Sferes™ can underpin your Net Zero leather strategy