Leading with Courage

We are proud to work with industry leaders who are willing to challenge the way leather has been made for centuries. Tanneries in Mexico, Brazil, India and Vietnam that are using Sferes for production, are forging the path to a more sustainable leather industry

LEFARC – The first tannery in the world to adopt our Sferes™ technology

Sustainable Leather Footwear with Qualus

Consumers today are demanding the most responsible leather for their garments and shoes, yet want the best quality and aesthetics. What are tanneries to do? The answer lies in adopting our Qualus Sferes technology to create sustainable leather, whilst protecting brand aesthetics and leather product performance.

Qualus stands as a premium option compared to other sustainable alternatives for leather footwear because our technology delivers both sustainability benefits and superior leather quality. The Sferes technology allows your tannery to create leather footwear in an extremely sustainable fashion. It is exactly what consumers are demanding, and you’ll still be able to create the most luxurious leather shoes or leather goods.

Qualus’ unique patented system has successfully produced leather for a broad range of footwear applications, including high end luxury brands, while significantly reducing water and chemicals for retanning.

Bharath Enterprises – The first tannery in the world to adopt our Qualus-as-a-Service (QaaS)™ model

Sustainable leather for Luxury Leather fashion

The luxury leather fashion industry is fast-adopting sustainable practices to meet the demands of eco-conscious customers. Consumers want the best quality leather, made in the most sustainable way. Leather produced with the Qualus’ Sferes is already crafted into bags from the some of the world’s leading luxury brands.

Having systematically tested Qualus’ system in trials to ensure the desired quality of product, more and more brands are choosing Qualus for a truly luxurious sustainable leather experience.

There are many benefits to embracing Qualus Sferes in your luxury leather manufacturing – the biggest for fashion houses is there being no compromise on the leather quality. In fact, all our clients report an improvement in the leather aesthetics.

Qualus is your step forward for creating a more sustainable, circular fashion economy. Are you ready to embrace this opportunity?

Sustainable leather for OEM Automotive Interior

More and more OEM car manufacturers configure their interior with the highest-quality leather for its aesthetic attractiveness and superior quality. If you’re looking for a more sustainable way to create automotive leather interior, without compromising on the leather performance, then working with Qualus is the best solution for you.