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We make it possible for people to responsibly enjoy the unparalleled quality of natural materials

less water

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Our mission is to help tanneries save water, chemicals and energy while increasing profits and producing the best quality leather

Sustainable Leather Production with Sferes™ Technology

Leather is the ultimate natural material, renowned across the world for thousands of years for its strength, flexibility and luxurious look and feel. With Qualus’ technology, it can now be produced more sustainably, enabling people to enjoy its unique properties while making a responsible choice that is better for the planet.

At the heart of our technology are Sferes which are small polymer granules that help tanneries save water, lower production costs, and improve the quality of their leather. Sferes replace much of the water in the retanning process and help to deliver chemicals more effectively. This not only reduces the water and chemicals required for production, but also significantly lowers the chemicals that come out as waste from the process. More efficient chemical delivery means less waste and a better-quality product.

Industries: You deliver the luxury leather experience.

We help you meet sustainability standards.

As you strive to create more sustainable leather, you can rely on Qualus to help you reach those sustainability standards. We work with tanneries that supply across a diverse range of industries, including high-end automotive, footwear, and luxury goods.

Our journey: A path to a more sustainable future

Established in 2013, Qualus has been on a mission to enable leather tanneries around the world to produce leather more sustainably, reducing their environmental footprint while increasing profits, all without compromising on quality.

We spent the first three years rigorously testing Sferes in the lab to produce a unique patented system, based on cutting edge research that we conducted at the Institute for Creative Leather Technologies, at the University of Northampton. From 2016 to 2019 we set out to prove that our technology would work not only in a lab but also in full scale production environments by conducting trials with over 20 tanneries in Europe and Latin America. During the Covid slowdown of 2020 and 2021 we focused on refining our technology and making our system lower-cost and easier to adopt. We now have tanneries using our system in production in India, Vietnam, Mexico, and Brazil. As news of the benefits of Sferes starts to spread, more and more tanneries and brands are approaching us to learn about the benefits of Sferes for leather production.

‘With the constraints on water, Qualus have created the technology that must be adopted by the industry’

Managing Director of Automotive Tannery in Mexico

‘We found no difference between Qualus and the control leather. So, we shipped it straight to production’

Leather R&D Coordinator for Luxury Goods Brand in Italy

‘Many promise water and chemical savings but the leather is not good enough. In your case, the leather is good’

Head of Operations of Automotive Tannery in Europe

‘We are very much happy with the working of the Qualus system, in addition to water and chemical savings Qualus system has allowed us to achieve a reduction in production time and energy’

Managing Partner for Luxury Leather Fashion Tannery in India

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